How it works


Our goal as an internet providing company, is helping you as a customer, especially if you live in a remote place, to find the best signal and help you to enjoy the need for sufficient and effective internet in your home or workplace. As soon as you come in contact with us, we will establish where your residence/ workplace is situated using our state of the art networking programs. As soon as we find a pathway from one of our high sites to your location, we will send out technicians to test the signal and do everything they can to find appropriate signal to do an installation.


After the technicians inspected your location and have seen which equipment will be needed for your installation, a quote will be sent to you including the once-off installation fee. As soon as you accept this quote, a day and time will be arranged for installation, and 99% of the time you can enjoy your wireless internet that same day!


There are different packages to choose from, depending on your need for up/download speed. If you are unhappy with the speed, you can always upgrade to another package (if your signal strength allows it) at no additional cost.

Available packages

All package are uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled!

3 Mbps

1 Mb upload

R350 pm

4 Mbps

2 Mb upload

R450 pm

6 Mbps

3 Mb upload

R550 pm

8 Mbps

3 Mb upload

R750 pm

10 Mbps

5 Mb upload

R950 pm

15 Mbps

5 Mb upload

R1450 pm

20 Mbps

10 Mb upload

R1950 pm

30 Mbps

10 Mb upload

R2500 pm

Voip Telephones

These packages are great for businesses using multiple phones, wanting to save on call costs!

40c to landline p/min
80c to cellphone p/min

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